Rain Animation | Raining City Animation with Thunder

In this Animation the rain flow continuously in the midnight city, thunder falls like a shock in the city. The dark rainy clouds moving continuously, to show the continues rain doesn't stop to show the entire city completely wet with rain.

Thanks to Macromedia flash cs3, this is a simple software tool helps to build this 2d cartoon clip. I spend four hours to make this unique cartoon video, I used 2d panning technique in this major part of the video. This technique helps to move the buildings feels camera rotates and covers the entire city.

A simple technique is used to make this raining effect. Just two keyframes made me to make this raining effect. I took more effort to bring this lightning effect i used fifteen frames to make this lightning. Just eight layers to make this completed cartoon movie.

This is a cool animated clip gives a better idea for the people who learns Macromedia flash. Any query or questions related to this movie  feel free to contact to this id selvadcreator@gmail.com, or comment your questions for better understand about this clip, or give your suggestions for me to do better work in my next post

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