Steps to Make Animated Car Moving for Road Accident

Keys Used to Make A Car Moving in Road

Steps by step explanation to make the car moving animation in the road. Here are the keys and layers i used to make the Animated Accident Clip you can also watch the result of this keys just click here Animated Accident Clip video This video shows the output of the steps explained here.

Step 1: First make the background black and make a moon like image using the ovel tool and apply color using gradient tool

Step 2: These buildings are made by continues using of rectangle tool with big and small rectangle placed continuously with basement rectangle with accordance to length of building

Step 3: Follow the same steps above and make difference in the buildings that some buildings are placed in the back side to this building

Step 4: These are street lights these lights are made using line tool after making a single post light other lights are copied to make a continues street lights

Step 5: This is images to show the bus stand in the road side. This bus stand completely made with a line tool

Step 6: To show like a road make a wide rectangle fill it with brownish white color to show like a road in front of the bus stand

Step 7: Make a small small rectangle fill it with black color to look like a median in the road. Use the same line tool to make these rectangles. To make a equal site rectangle copy the single which made and paste it continuously to look like road.

Step 7: Design a Loree in a separate window. This Loree is made almost with line tool and tires are made using the oval tool

Step 7: Make the bus with same line tool and the tiers are made using oval tool. I used gradient tool to fill the color for bus. But the color can be made better while you make

Step 8: And make the bus to run over the street through create motion and insert a  key before the bus stop to stop the bus remove the motion in bus stop and make another two key to run make the bus run again

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